Welcome to the new golf season

Welcome to the new golf season and to my captaincy of Eastbourne Downs Golf Club. 

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger Geering, both for his captaincy and for his support for my role as Vice Captain. I would also like to thank and praise those who have volunteered to help with club matters this year and those who have already offered their services to help with the course, the clubhouse and with social events in the coming year. Our club would not survive without these offers and I hope that many members volunteer their help and support with club matters this season.


I am extremely proud to take up the post of Club Captain and it is my firm intention to establish strong links with all sections of the club in order to fulfil my role.

It is clear that golf clubs nationally and locally are suffering from a decline in membership and I firmly believe that we must do our best to promote the strengths of our club in order to maintain and increase membership.  The strengths I refer to are our golf course and the friendly welcoming ethos of the club.

This year I have witnessed visitors to the course and new members responding positively to their experiences and we should feel proud that golfers come back to our club, or join us, because they enjoy the course and because they are made welcome.


It is because I am proud of the club that I will do my best to promote and support it. This will include attending social events, representing our club in matches and competitions and supporting the club in all areas of dress, standards and behaviour so that EDGC maintains its prominence locally and attracts new members.


I am very confident that the friends, colleagues, members and playing partners I have met over the last few years will support me in this.


Finally, I would like to start a ‘Captain’s Joke’ series and set myself the challenge of one for every newsletter. So here we go!


Captain’s Joke – Number 1


I hate those Russian dolls. They are so full of themselves.