Golf is a great game no matter what your skill level, everyone from the absolute beginners can get a great deal of enjoyment from playing golf. You don't need to be the fittest or the strongest. Once you establish the technique you will get many years of enjoyment from Golf.

Many golfers jump straight in without any lessons - however to get the most enjoyment from Golf as quickly as possible it's recommended you at least get a golf assessment from a recognised PGA Golf Professional to start you on your way. We offer a number of group sessions which is a good value way to start but your best lessons will come from 1 to 1 teaching with our Professional. We also have an Academy Membership which is a great way to ensure your golfing life gets started in the right way.

You should start with the basics such as grip, stance and swing basics, putting and a bit of chipping. Check out our golf basics page for a starting point but for the best advice speak to our PGA Pro.

If you join as a member you can use our practice facilities as often as you like.

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