Membership Schemes

To get the best out of golf you should join our Club. Until you do you won't realise what you've been missing. We have a wide ranging membership from Juniors under 14 through to members of more senior years and ALL of varying ability. 

We have a number of pathways membership schemes to suit most pockets and lifestyles. From our beginners Academy membership,through to our traditional full membership.

You can spread the cost of annual membership using our direct debit scheme, helping you budget. Don't forget, once you are a member you'll receive many members benefits including access to better value green fees at a range of local and national courses - saving you more money over the cost of green fees.

As a registered CASC, all sections of the community are welcomed and have the opportunity to become members of the club.In keeping with our commitment to operating as a compliant CASC any individual wishing to join the club, who is registered on a low income, should contact the Secretary for more information.

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Our Rates At A Glance


When it comes to golf membership we recognise that golf should not be too expensive and in a modern lifestyle there are so many other things people want to do as well as play golf - so hjustifying the expense can be difficult. We want everyone to be able to experience our Club membership so we make sure we offer superb value from our Academy membership through Adult Full membership. Contact us now to find...

Junior Membership From £1 To £12 Per Month


We're committed to developing golfing talent as Eastbourne Downs strives to acquire the golf mark. If you're under 15 membership is just £25 per year. For 15 and over it is just £124.The only extra is the association fees.

We have a thriving junior section with coaching throug